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Unfair treatment of Illegal Immigrants; a Social Issue?

We live in a country today where hate, racism, and xenophobia are strongly prevalent. You would think that people would realize how wrong all of this is for everyone. Yet, they don’t and it’s very sad and disappointing to see this in 2019. That is why I am here today to help, encourage, and support those who have no one to rely on. It was difficult to choose just one thing to fight and advocate for because there are so many things that need change IMMIDIATELY. Finally, I decided to choose Immigration for my social impact project because I come from an immigrant family and I have friends who are also undocumented. I have seen, lived, and know what undocumented immigrants have to go through on an everyday basis. I know what it’s like to be scared to go out and drive anywhere because at any given moment you can get deported and never see your family again. It is extremely hard to have to live this way and it messes with your mental health. I chose this because there needs to be a change made for my people, for all immigrants. Undocumented immigrants don’t just get up and leave everything they know behind for no reason. They leave their families, friends, things, and their entire lives behind to give themselves and their loved ones a better life here in the United States. A country where freedom, liberty, and opportunity are our credo. Where we built a country on the idea of “the American dream” and equality for all. That is why I chose immigration for my social impact project because no one cares enough about the way that the United States is violating the basic human rights of undocumented immigrants. They risk their lives coming here because they would rather die trying to give their families a better life than stay in their homes where they will end up killed. So, yes I am very passionate about this social issue and I will continue to be there for immigrants. I am here to fight for my people, for all undocumented immigrants, and refugees from all over the world. It does not matter where you come from, what race you are or what language you speak.   NO ONE IS ILLEGAL ON STOLEN LAND AND EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DREAM.

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